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It’s interview day and a job at your dream company beckons you. It’s an important day indeed - you wake up early, get your files ready, and wear the best suit you’ve got. You grab your car keys and try to unlock your vehicle – but the lock just wouldn’t budge! It’s insane to even think that it would be a defunct lock that stands in the way of you and your dream job.
However, situations like these do happen and in over a decade of our tenure in the industry, we’ve seen people panic, cancel vacations, halt business activity, vandalize their own homes – all because a lock chose the wrong moment to stop functioning or a key went missing at the worst possible time.  Instead of trying to wrestle your way past the locks or attempting to force it open, you must consider a quicker, more reliable option! With Crittenden KY Locksmith Store as your trusted emergency locksmith in Crittenden, KY, you no longer have to worry about locks and keys ruining your plans for the day. 

The trusted emergency locksmith in Crittenden, KY

Crittenden KY Locksmith Store Crittenden, KY 859-474-8711To build trust, you need to prove your caliber and go the extra mile to show them that you can be counted upon, irrespective of the circumstances. And that’s what we, at Crittenden KY Locksmith Store, have managed to accomplish in our decade-long service as a 24/7 emergency locksmith. We’ve never once fallen back on our promises and delivered timely assistance whenever needed. 

Why choose us?

Quick response to emergency calls:

Facing an office lockout in the middle of the night? Don’t worry! With a specialized emergency locksmithtaskforce and a dedicated fleet of mobile vans at your service, we can speed up to your location in less than 20 minutes and provide the solution you’re looking for!

On-the-spot resolution

 If the locksmith, who turns up to help you, says he needs to get back to the store to fetch a tool, how would that make you feel? It’s perfectly fine if it happens during an ordinary day, but when you’re already in an emergency, and are looking for prompt help, such delays can cost you dearly. Be it a lock repair, or new key cutting, with Crittenden KY Locksmith Store you can get a resolve on-the-spot.

Money matters:

Locksmiths are often accused of being too pricey and that’s why most residents and businesses have second thoughts when it comes to hiring one. Crittenden KY Locksmith Store, however, has garnered substantial reputation as an affordable locksmith and provides 24/7 service at no extra charges.

To hire an emergency locksmith, call 859-474-8711!